10 Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization is Important for a Website

10 Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization is important for a website

In the era of the digital world, there is a wide range of digital marketing techniques and tactics that are very much helpful for start-ups today. 

Search engines provide targeted traffic for people looking for what new you offer. If you are not one among the vast number of results available, then you might lose opportunities. 

The values in the search box, add additional value to SEO. Your overall website’s visibility depends on SEO unless you spend on paid social media platforms. SEO indeed has more real value to it and its impacts.

In this article, let’s discuss the 10 reasons why SEO is important to websites. 

SEO is cost-effective

SEO does not cost much money; it is very cost-effective. The Return on investment in SEO creates a positive impact on your business. To start a website for your business, SEO is a must which must be done after the hosting of the website. A long-term investment in SEO can create wonders in the future.

SEO brings new oppurtunities

When your brand is clearly understood by your customers, more opportunities arise for you and your brand, this paves the way to create new opportunities which in turn helps in your web traffics.

Organic traffic

SEO helps in organic traffic. Organic traffic is those from free ads. When people click on such results organic traffic increases to that particular site. 
Organic search results help improve SEO to a high rate. 

Competitor analysis

An important aspect of SEO is tracking competitors’ details such as their site performance, content, visibility, broken links, landing pages, and bounce rate.  SEO helps you to compete and grow well higher and stronger. Competitor analysis needs to be done if you need your website on the top-ranking pages.

Make it easy with local SEO

Local search is to search details within a particular area. Example: If you search for technicians in Australia, you will get results only on technicians from Australia 

and not from other countries. Local SEO brings you close to the business that you want to look for. 


SEO can be updated

Google makes changes in the algorithm each year. We need to be updated with all SEO algorithms as new ones are coming into. Be active and monitor the changes that need to be done to your brand website.

Good user experience

User experience plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization . User experience improves the brand taking into account users’ feedback, suggestions, and new ideas. It helps in delivering products with good functionality. 

Long term plan/strategy

Either small or large businesses, all have certain plans and strategies that help them to reach successful outcomes. Building a  website and bringing Search

Digital marketing is the process of promoting brands, products, or services including any promotions that run through the internet or any wireless media, such as email marketing, SEO, blogs, and other social media networks. The importance of digital marketing cannot be stressed enough as it plays a vital role in the growth of any business. 

Digital Marketing involves developing strong and innovative marketing strategies such as PPC, SEO, SEM, and other techniques in order to attract traffic to a website and  increase awareness of that company’s products and services.

Engine Optimization

 for it is a long-term strategy. It is necessary to count your short-term plans after your long-term ones.

Creates trust

The big goal of SEO is to bring a robust base for a good website, to be easily found in the search results due to its trust. Trust cannot be earned in a short time. It takes years to build trust in a particular brand/service. 

SEO gives higher returns on minimal investment

Startups prefer to start SEO as it costs very little and brings high ROI (Return on investment). Many businesses go in for low costs and higher returns. Many SEO companies are offering great deals for a smart Search Engine Optimization  strategy that is used in customizing your business. 

Some of the other reasons why your business needs SEO are:

  • As there are around 8 of 10 people who use the internet to search about a particular product or service, brand awareness, and visibility increase. 
  • Your competition is still in the queue waiting to see what you do
  • SEO strategies work 24/7 
  • Small businesses are changing from printed media to web and digital marketing.
  • Organic SERP’’s are 85% of the user clicks, whereas it is only15% for paid ads.
  • The eCommerce industry has a vast growth of 16.5% in 2010
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