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10 Top Tips For a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do you know something? 81% of small and medium business owners use some form of social media and platforms like Whatsapp and  Facebook Messenger handle 60 billion messages per day. With altering social media trends, all companies should also transform their way of taking initiatives, and inform their customers about their products and services, and what else they offer. In this blog, we are here to provide you with some useful tips for social media marketing 

 First, let us see what social media marketing and social media marketing strategy is. 

Social media marketing helps you build awareness about you, your services, and your products through different social media channels that are popular today like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  

In order to get the complete benefit of social media marketing, you need a substantial social media marketing strategy. 

As there is wide popularity in the world, there are many people who do not use social media, because they have not yet understood the importance of social media marketing and end up earning lesser profits.  

We are here to provide you with some useful tips for social media marketing:  

  • Focus on engagement rather than followers – Having a big list of followers is not important to promote your business. You must engage with customers and connect them with you. Take time to respond to their comments, reviews, and feedback and also have an eye on the latest trends in the industry.  
  • Establish your goals properly – Before starting a social media campaign be clear of your goals and objectives towards it, to run a successful social media marketing campaign.  

Define your business goals clearly and make sure they are precise, short, specific, and measurable.  

  • Optimize your social media profile – After deciding on the tools to use, it is necessary you optimize your profiles with the help of those tools. 

It increases your chance of getting more followers and boosts your SEO. Some things to remember when creating profiles are, Use a real photo instead of a fake one, give a good description, and include a link to your website.  

  • Share good content – Each social media site requires different crafting of content. Example – LinkedIn requires professional B2B content and for Facebook, it is casual and interactive content needed. 

By sharing useful and informative content you get more likes, shares, and more traffic to your website. Sharing of articles, interesting facts, research studies, estimates, motivational quotes are interesting contents to be shared.  

  • Make sure you create a social media plan – Do you know that the same social media plans do not work for all platforms. Each requires a different one. Many businesses fail because of not having a proper plan. 

Make a mini-plan to ensure your business’s success on different social media platforms.  

  • Use appropriate tools– Make sure that you use the right tools for your social media marketing. Using the right tool ensures a strong marketing strategy 

Using tools you can automate some processes and get the best results.  

  • Analyze your social media campaign – The most important step is measuring and analyzing your performance of marketing strategies and their outcomes.  

Each platform follows different metrics for checking performance.  

Example – Instagram- Likes, mentions, and comments.  

Twitter – visits, mentions, and impressions. 

  • Maintain a social media content calendar – We often forget to remember the most important thing. Use a social media content calendar to schedule your posts and make them a part of your plan. A Social Media calendar can allocate each marketing resource to their tasks and also improves teamwork. 
  • Add social media buttons on your website – Apart from connecting to specific social media pages include social media icons, so readers can easily share their content after reading it. 


Keep the buttons large enough, large buttons get more clicks when compared to small ones.  

There are also other benefits for the latest buzzword social media marketing, some of them are better audience insights, good customer service, improves brand loyalty, inbound traffic, and better customer satisfaction.  

Hope you find some fruitful information from this article. Start with your social media if you have not yet implemented one. The results it brings are noticeable and cannot be ignored. The two most important things in social media are how you set up your profile, and how you use your accounts. Setting up your profile is important to engage in the networks and have a proper connection between your social media pages and your site. In case you are facing any problems in your social media campaigns, reach out to us. We are AINRATech, the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad to help you in driving the desired results for your business.  


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