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Best Campus Management System

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Modules in AINRAEd school management software

Academic management

The academic management system provides schools with a better development process and helps in transforming schools into a digitized form than the manual one. This management system helps schools manage news, daily assignments, notes, certificates, courses, syllabus, and many more.

Attendance management

Attendance is a major aspect to be considered in all educational institutions for both teachers and students. This allows students and teachers to mark their presence with the latest technology like biometrics.

Fee management system

Fees, due payments, and enrollments need to have high accuracy in any educational institution, for this purpose due fee reports must be provided at any time. Automatic receipt generation will be done after the payment is done.

Online Payments

The admission management system generates payment reminders, automated invoices, and receipts, this makes the payment process much quicker and easier.
Numerous payment gateways are integrated that help applicants make payments online easily.

Transport Management

The most crucial module in the school management software. The admin can view details like the driver's name, vehicle number, License number, and other details. The whole concept of the transport management system is that it will provide a full detailed analysis of the transport allocation in each route and stop.

Admission management system

The admission process consists of various activities like issuing admission forms, collecting forms, admission fee collection, selecting applicant criteria, etc. All these processes may result in errors or delays in the process. The online admission management system will make the process more simple and optimize it. It integrates technology with both the institution and the students.

Communication management

Communication can be made through SMS or one can even generate circulars and can have a multilingual option to make the communication effective for parents from different parts of the country.

Hostel management

Using the AINRAEd hostel management system you can reduce a lot of paperwork in hostels like the list of rooms available, the number of allotted rooms, vacant rooms, room information, and other daily hostel expenses.

Finance management

The most important system in the school software is the financial management system, designed to set up a perfect fee management system with proper entries and ledger files with an easy user interface, reducing the processing time and making it error-free.

Benefits of Campus Management System

  • Reduced paperwork for the administration
  • Reduces the workload of staff and school administrators
  • User-friendly and easy to maintain
  • Huge amount of storage to store institution’s data

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