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Content Marketing Strategies To Grow Organic Traffic

Content Marketing Strategies To Grow Organic Traffic

Are you striving to increase organic traffic to your company’s website or blog page? If yes, make use of the powerful content marketing strategy, it helps you rank higher in SERPs (Search engine result pages) and get organic traffic. It takes a medium/long term to improve organic SEO.

“In the digital era, content is the most important asset a business can have. It’s no longer your product or your service, it’s the content you create about it (and around it) that gets you found and noticed.”

― Iliyana Stareva.

Organic traffic is defined as, visitors who visit a website through unpaid search results. Consider the example of:

If you type in google for “health mix powder” you will get both paid and organic listings. If a user clicks on organic results, it will be counted as organic traffic. 

Why is organic SEO important?

Focusing on organic SEO can help your site stand out of the queue. Organic SEO depends on search engines 90% of the time. Search engine results deliver approximately more times higher than traditionally paid marketing campaigns. Organic SEO campaigns will help you ensure that your website ranks higher in search engine results pages(SERPs), which can get you site traffic. 

The main objective of organic SEO is to try making your business appear first in the search results once visitors type the related keywords. It generates long-lasting results which is one of its advantages. 

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) uses different kinds of strategies to increase organic traffic. It is used to improve a website’s rankings in organic search results through link building, content creation, etc.

The strategies focus on two types of traffic:

  • Paid traffic – Since it’s paid traffic you get short-term visits using PPC’s(Pay-per-click) on websites. 
  • Free/Organic traffic – Most preferred type of traffic, as it advertises your product and services free of cost. You can generate more sales with fewer costs.

Quality content is the most important thing required in organic traffic which makes people visit your site often inspired by your amazing content. 

Content marketing to boost organic traffic

A content marketing strategy can boost organic traffic and generate leads. 

Don’t think you’re late. Start it right now.

Content marketing can be done in many ways such as email marketing, newsletters, blogs, articles. Mostly preferred are blogs, videos, and social networks. 

Before thinking about your content marketing/plan, look in for the keywords that your consumers rank for, your targeted customers, and then think about their other needs.

Then create your content relevant to your audience and provide valuable information. 

Content marketing tips to get more traffic:

Opt for long-tailed keywords – By doing keyword research you can gain more traffic to your site. Long-tailed keywords are the most preferred ones, as they display a wide range of results and increase the chances of your site appearing at the top. Small business owners prefer long-tail keywords for their business purpose. 

Many keyword research tools are available online such as Moz, Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, etc. 

Gain customer’s interest – Before starting, try conducting a survey or poll to the audience to know which content type interests them more. 

Based on the results, if your customers are suffering from anything, in particular, you can try writing something which they find useful and get a solution when reading it.

Content marketing for SEO success 

By now you are known for content marketing, you don’t have enough time to make your content work. For this reason, only there are many SEO services in Hyderabad providing various services for content marketing. Make your content SEO-friendly and make sure you have added the relevant keywords.

Track your competitors content

One of the huge portions is tracking and beating our competitors on social media. First of all, intentionally choose your competitors before starting your business. After selecting, analyze each competitive set. Be aware of the positive and negative comments. People express how they feel about you and your competitors. Be clever enough in delivering an effective message. 

When running ads, look for your competitors’ presence in social channels in promoting ads and posting posts. 

This blog would have cleared all your doubts regarding content marketing strategies and how to improve organic traffic with the help of content marketing. AINRATech is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad providing all services. 

So feel free to contact us any time regarding your queries. We are always there to help you with all your needs. Try implementing the tips provided in this blog to grow your organic traffic with good content marketing. 

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