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Digital marketing in the age of Coronavirus 

Some demanding questions for the upcoming years. What did digital marketing people learn from the pandemic about building their brands? What is the future at this age of COVID-19? What can be done for companies to grow faster? 

The dreadful coronavirus has caused more disruptions and huge depressions for many people and still continues to unleash the current economy. Its outset in Wuhan, a Chinese city created huge impacts in France, Italy, and Spain has threatened the global economy and markets.  

In the beginning, it started with social distancing and quarantines, where people were instructed to stay home and not to go out. Now slowly turning back to normal in many countries by opening restaurants, cafes, malls, public places, educational institutions, etc. People are monitored in national and international travel to prevent the spread.

The virus created a huge shift in the online market, making digital marketing services more important. Many brands depend on online business sales except Health, ECommerce,  and tel networks. 

There was a heavy impact in conferences and tradeshows, as no one visited. It was a long-time fear. It may be for a client meeting, dinner, or formal/informal gatherings that have an impact on sales and generating leads.  

Several brands took social media in hand, offering tutorials, demos, free trials, and other engaging content to draw people’s attention.  


With everything increasing digitally people stay home, marketing executives will consider increasing budgets and ensure that the right content and tools are available.  

Additionally, many essentials of digital marketing such as AI, chatbots, automated marketing, and content marketing will become more important. 

Marketing is understanding your customer segments. All marketing messages must be related to the individual. A connection in messages is necessary to define customer segments.  

The data tells us about the client’s needs, what makes them happy or sad? What interests them? 

Let’s dig into few points how digital marketing adapts COVID-19: 

Post in real-time – Instead of working for longer hours with heavy schedules, pause that and dive into social media posting, trending topics and post in real-time.  

Develop your skills towards social media and depend on social listening tools and use insights to deliver content.  

Track trends to understand the audience better – Have a close observation with the social media platforms, groups, communities, and product pages to spot opportunities quickly.  

Go in for consumption trends to adapt messaging. Have an eye on the trends happening daily in the industry and social media pages.  

Go in for positive reviews  

Positive reviews speak aloud than negative ones. It helps enhance brand reputation. Providing people with the right product or service that they expect and most feel wanted at the time of crisis, increases your chances of positive reviews.  

Compete with your competitors  

Your biggest experience is your own competition. To  meet the customer’s expectations follow these strategies: 

  • To support use cases of customers have the right technology in hand 
  • Set your goals throughout the journey. 
  • Brand should be a key KPI, this can be done using real-time analytics.  


Similar to a newspaper or billboard, you need to pay for online ads in Google ads, Facebook ads, and yahoo ads. Other than these there are Youtube, Bing, Google Adwords, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. 

It is said that ROI (Return On Investment) is higher with paid ads during the pandemic crisis. This is because people use the internet for each service they want and this paves the way for online marketing 


Paid ads increase the efficiency of marketing ads by reducing PPC(Pay-per-Click). 

How coronavirus drives new changes in digital marketing? 

Coronavirus has halted many businesses starting from manufacturing to logistics. many started to close their digital marketing activities keeping in mind the health of their employees.  

There is less online traffic, engagement, sales, and low rankings. Digital marketing is not a quick solution to gain results immediately, it needs time. 

Using digital marketing techniques like SEO, SMM, SEM, and content marketing takes three to four months for the results to get implemented.  

What is the solution? 

As an employer, you need to keep your employees motivated and ensure that they work without getting any work delayed.  

Work from home option may be a great support for employees as well as for digital marketing.  

The behavior of the consumers changed totally, where all markets are closed and all necessaries are out of stock, buyers and their families are restricted to homes, out of which some lost their jobs and no source for earning. We have to serve a different marketing approach.  

Final Thoughts 

As we have reached the end of this blog, you might have several clear insights about the digital marketing adaptations in the age of coronavirus.  

We all know business needs money. But at this crisis time, support and help are the keywords. Are you worried about going out for your business purposes? 

Avoid it, and we make the best things easy for you. AINRATech, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad, serves you with the best digital marketing needs.

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