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Latest technologies can deliver new opportunities for everyone. It provides tremendous possibilities for improving global education industry  at all stages of age. The advancement of technology continues at a rapid pace, and access to technologies such as cell phones and the Internet is increasing.

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The growing role of technology in the educational sector has revolutionized the processes of teaching and learning. AINRATech has developed an e-learning approach to appeal to the varied backgrounds and demands of learners, bringing an incredible shift in the learning experience of learners and enabling app owners to provide a technical tool to engage their learners, promote interaction and reformulate the learning experience.

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    Effective Approach: Efficiency of learning is usually determined by the money, time, and resources that are critical to achieving desired outcomes. This means that if less cost is involved and less time is involved, the learning process becomes easier. The idea here is to devise an efficient strategy where it is possible to maximize both efficiency and effectiveness.

    This approach should discuss all aspects of online education: curriculum, philosophy, implementation, teaching, management, technology, and institutional culture, to have a positive effect on the overall learning process.

    How will AINRATech help the Educational Institutions in Digitalization ??


    Effortless Registration and Authentication: Enables learners by entering a name, gender, email address, DOB, phone number, and city information to set their profile and complete registration.

    Secure login: Users can also login using their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, email, phone number, etc.

    Selecting a course: The learner has to pick the course he or she wants to participate in.

    Account settings: This role allows students to access, edit, and add basic information, parent information, supporting documents, label sheets, etc. The learners can also render settings relevant to the notification.

    Transactions: Under this section, along with their data, the learners can access all the recent transactions.

    Classroom: The learner can display the specifics of the timetable, upcoming, and past sessions under this section.

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