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In today’s day and age, digital health has become an influential factor. Patients that use wireless networks to connect with physicians benefit from the advantages of imaginative experience in healthcare. By helping them tackle many traditional difficulties and procedures, it has changed healthcare practices dramatically. It gives patients the power to monitor their health by having access from multiple sources, such as clinics, hospitals, labs, pharmacists, and even old medical records, to their health data. Yet, considering the fact that healthcare is one of India’s largest sectors and a preferred medical tourism destination worldwide. 

Digitization is perhaps the most convenient transition faced by Indian doctors and patients. It is anticipated that the growth of the internet, the penetration of the global economy, and the growing usage of mobiles will further fuel this trend. 

AINRATech’s Focus in Digital Health 


Convenient Lines of Communication:

The more contact lines, the easier it becomes to reach out to healthcare providers for a patient. Allowing the patient to communicate with their physicians through the preferred communication form, such as telephone, text, email, and even social media helps them to get advice and guidance whenever appropriate. These systems make it possible to log contact for later analysis.

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    Make use of organized information:

    We have used thousands of paper files for decades to store our medical records, but the process is much more time-consuming when it comes to searching for a needed file, and the potential for errors is also much greater. Digital health has revolutionized the management of files and, in turn, enhanced the way doctors and patients interact. Doctors can quickly find a patient’s health record with the aid of digital systems in place, access important information, answer questions, provide accurate treatment, and even see when and how the patient was last treated. It is also possible to integrate the patient management scheme with electronic health record (EHR) systems.

    One of the latest ways for doctors and patients to keep the lines of communication open is cloud-based patient relationship management (PRM) systems.

    If updates are made at one location, these systems are secured and not location-dependent, the other locations will receive the information immediately. Whenever or wherever a patient needs care, the idea is just to stay connected.

    Digital health tools:

    Such as wearables and mobile apps encourage patients to better understand and engage in a dialogue about their health data, which can enhance results, using digital tools to improve the patient experience. Data obtained by these instruments can help providers to map a more complete picture of the daily health of a person.

    Patient portal usage: 

    Patient portals are websites designed to help patients connect to their providers better. There are various types of portals, but they have more or less the same characteristics, such as the ability of the patient to schedule upcoming appointments, view recent test results, and obtain other types of health information.

    Sharing of Feedback:

    Digital healthcare technology provides avenues for two-way communication to share feedback more easily. It offers patients the best chance to share their experience with the doctor because online reviews help individuals make informed choices about everything from which products to buy to which doctor to visit. For a doctor or clinic, honest patient feedback is certainly valuable information.

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