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How Digital Marketing Outshines Pharma and Healthcare Business? 

Digital marketing when combined with pharma and healthcare has a pool of opportunities. There are huge people online, looking for online solutions. A shift in both process and behavior have affected many industries, one among those are the pharma and healthcare industry. 

AINRATech, one of the best healthcare services in Hyderabad focuses on digital health.  

The digital transformation of pharmaceutical and healthcare are used in so many ways such as patient communication, drug development, and levels of transparency.  

Digital marketing in the case of pharma is very challenging, but much can be done to attain good results. 

Healthcare brings more challenges in the pharma industry to maintain consistency. 

The digital industry plays an important role in empowering patients, in their own care. 

Since digital marketing is considered the cost-effective way when compared with traditional marketing, pharma and healthcare do not want to miss it.  

The main focus should be on the applications of digital marketing that pharma companies use. The future of these applications must be considered well in the healthcare industry. 

In this article we will talk about how digital marketing outshines pharmaceutical and healthcare domains: 

The efficiency of treatment is transparent: Online communities and several platforms allow patients and their dear ones to discuss the treatment, and now there are 

several mobile apps available to track how a patient is affected with a severe condition and hive measures accordingly to treat them.  

Patients play a role in their care: Healthcare professionals maintain a good relationship with the patients and the pharma industry. It is said that 85% of patients confidently have the ability to take responsibility for their personal care. People feel more comfortable with the digital transformation in the healthcare and pharma industries. For the upcoming healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, these trends have provided an opportunity to engage with patients online.  

Pharma is interesting and your device holds the key: As doctors, they also spend time online on social media like Facebook to get new information in their field. 

New devices are used for learning new things. 

Enhanced drug development:

Real-time information provided by patients and from clinical trials gives drug manufacturers a better understanding of how a particular drug works, how it affects users, and how to minimize side effects.  

Let’s discuss some digital marketing statistics in the healthcare industry: 

  • About 88% of people go for online health information and phone appointments 
  • Patients booking appointments ran 3 times more than those who didn’t do it. 
  • 90% of people aged from 18-24 years trust medical information that is shared by people on social media platforms.  
  • 31% of healthcare professionals use social media. 
  • 60% of doctors say on social media Increase the care quality that is delivered to patients.  
  • According to Google insights, there is 119% increase in YouTube traffic for hospital websites.  
  • In the U.S., advertising in healthcare is expected to increase by 18% in 2021.  
  • Phone calls convert more leads by 10-15 times than web leads.  


As the industry is adapting to changes, many huge pharmaceutical companies have made progress in the digital transformation journey. 

In order to succeed pharma and healthcare sectors need to develop patient care and keep them engaged always in real-time care. 

These industries must embrace new technologies, patient design, and focus on digital health, and prevention. They must start developing new ideas and digital marketing strategies to develop a business that transforms their strengths. Both the pharma and healthcare industries have their mission as “Health and safety of patients” to achieve their goals.  

Digital transformations are allowing huge size organizations to thrive in the midst of major industry changes that are going on. For example, consider a patient having access to research about the treatment is undergoing, then the transparency of the R&D portfolios will be needed to meet customer and the patient expectations. Technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence)  can make complex decisions using data and analytical calculations.  

The digital marketing strategies mentioned in this blog will help you in increasing your pharma industry’s success.  

If you are in the healthcare or pharma industry and have not yet started digital marketing. Now it’s the right time to do it. A huge pool of opportunities awaits you. Get your help from the digital marketing services in Hyderabad for pharma companies, you will reach great heights to provide good reach and maintain consistency.  


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