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How does Digital Marketing for Businesses help them Survive COVID-19?

How Digital Marketing helps Businesses Survive COVID-19?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected every business either small or large.

For more than several months, everyone is suffering from this critical phase that no one of us has expected. The dread COVID-19 disease is spread over 213 countries, even lockdown is not a solution to this problem.

Many countries have been on lockdown for so long now that it has resulted in the closing of businesses or having many losses.

Many brands took this opportunity to work on their digital marketing so they can be easily accessible to their audience and other people.

What is digital marketing? Here goes… It is a kind of marketing technology that uses the Internet as its main channel to promote a company, its products, and services. During the pandemic, all businesses and marketplaces needed to be shut down. This is where digital marketing comes into a role, like SEO, PPC, digital advertisements, content marketing, and more.


COVID-19 Effect on business

A strategy is a framework for making decisions about how you will play the game of business.The word “digital” is a key to “grow” in today’s world. Digital transformation strategy is a plan of how your business will address the key challenges created by the physical, digital, and human worlds.

  • Many startups and small businesses are impacted brutally, as they have many funds to manage the crises. They faced a great loss during the crisis situation.
  • People started to go out from home for very few purposes, so they will shop online and go in for home delivery.
  • Almost every business is affected by this covid-19, especially small, and medium-sized businesses from B2B to B2C.
  • As some companies are not digitally sound enough, changing online may create a problem, and some may feel uncomfortable. 

Some booming industries in this crisis

The medical field is growing, and people continue to stay indoors. Industries like healthcare, education, entertainment, and day-to-day necessities are improving.

The pandemic affected the people, as there is no scope to grow and take the business to greater levels. Digital Marketing gave many businesses the opportunity to come again and make them ready to enter the industry of tremendous scope.

 Digital marketing is a combination that includes many marketing strategies that help in brand awareness, thereby converting prospects into new customers. Many digital marketing providers have helped in the growth of many businesses. 

A wide range of businesses has grown tremendously by generating many work opportunities in the pandemic crisis.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Pandemic

The pandemic affected people to a great extent and made them stay home by spending most of their time online. Digital marketing helped people at this time of pandemic crisis. COVID-19 has forced businesses over the world to close their doors and move their operations to the world wide web(WWW). 

Digital marketing helped consumers spend more time online, rather than moving from one place to another, thereby reducing travel costs and other expenses. Consumers started doing online research on a particular brand or product, to compare them for service, price, and quality, before they purchase them online.

This will help you train up yourself for a post-pandemic situation, where everything is going to take place online with huge demands for an online shopping experience. 

The time spent on the internet and social media platforms for both work and fun has increased widely. There are many digital marketing services available globally.

Why Businesses Need Digital Marketing to Survive Covid-19 Crisis

Here are several reasons that tell us why digital marketing is required to survive covid-19:

Online Search Increases

Google has a lot more work to do during this pandemic. People started searching for many things about coronavirus, and also for entertainment purposes, services, and online shopping.

Many businesses take into account how people search for them online even when it is a local small store. This is a great time to get maximum traffic, by posting things that are directly related to your business. 

Many people suffered during this crisis, helping them at their needs is one a good deed. They will praise you for your contribution and helping mind.

Easy engaging and maintaining existing customers

Being locked in homes, people take much time in front of screens. So when their usual company makes a presentation on digital platforms, it is easy to directly reach you. 

You are digitally available to your customers and sell them products without coming to the shop. In this way, you can maintain your existing customers. A good 

Content is one major source for people engaging more.

High usage of social media:

Coronavirus has put up millions of people inside. We are adapted to stay home and get to the new normal life.

Start connecting with your customers on social media. Don’t push people to buy your products online, instead focus on creating a loyal community.

Always try to promote good deeds online. Instagram is one of the platforms which helped small businesses to come up during the pandemic.

Digital presence is cost-effective:

Start connecting with your customers on social media. Don’t push people to buy your products online, instead focus on creating a loyal community.

Always try to promote good deeds online. Instagram is one of the platforms which helped small businesses to come up during the pandemic.

Cost-effective digital marketing strategies:

  • Email Marketing
  • SEO, PPC
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing.

Getting new customers:

Start connecting and communicating with potential customers and of course the existing ones. Make your presence online on social media platforms by adding some exclusive and amazing content that attracts customers. 

People look in for great design and some good content. The maximum time people spend in a blog is 3 seconds if it attracts them. Digital marketing and its different features of designing have helped many brands to gain followers. 

No need for physical appearance for promotion:

No need not go anywhere for marketing and branding like door-to-door and printing banners, in the case of small businesses. 

Promotion includes banners, pamphlets, newspapers, and more, which are not necessary to market your products or services. There is no need for wasting time going outside for marketing.

Traditional events and networking online:

The main rule of social distancing has put an end to events, meetings, and collaborations that were done before in organizations. Digital marketing helped in conducting all those online using applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and others. 

Using zoom and google meet, people communicated through video calls and started sharing their thoughts. Social media helped in brand expansion, but it severely affected small businesses when they started to go on digitally. Small businesses have no facility to do that adequately and face a heavy loss. 

From the above article, we can understand the sufferings people have undergone during the crisis and how digital marketing helped out in such dull situations. 

There are many digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad which provide a new way to do business and help in digital services worldwide. 

Now there is a drastic change in business which helps them in generating Return on Investment(ROI). Digital marketing is the way that every business needs to grow their business. 

AINRATech, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad, serves you with various digital marketing services that are used to analyze needs, promote products and services, and also raise brand awareness.

Digital marketing is the process of promoting brands, products, or services including any promotions that run through the internet or any wireless media, such as email marketing, SEO, blogs, and other social media networks. The importance of digital marketing cannot be stressed enough as it plays a vital role in the growth of any business. 

Digital Marketing involves developing strong and innovative marketing strategies such as PPC, SEO, SEM, and other techniques in order to attract traffic to a website and  increase awareness of that company’s products and services.

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