How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly_ (AWD-226)

A Mobile-friendly website plays an important role in helping businesses to earn more conversions. So, if you don’t have a site optimized for mobile, you are missing out on huge opportunities to get leads.  

 It is estimated that 61% of consumers purchase items from mobile-friendly sites. This means that in website crawling, the first priority is given to mobile-optimized sites.  

 prefer buying products on mobile devices. Top companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and Walmart recognize that customers want to purchase things quickly and effectively.  

Do you know something? 

When Google decides which ads to display first in its Google AdWords program, it gives importance to mobile-friendly sites and checks if the site is made for small screens and has shorter loading times.  

 Customers want to buy your products online easily, for that you need to have a site that makes it easy for them to purchase from their phone. If your site is difficult to use on mobile to purchase, you will lose leads. 

 As mobile phones have become a part of our lives, web owners must focus on delivering smooth user experiences on mobile devices.  

Some practices that the most frequently visited websites must focus on to be mobile-friendly are image usage, resource sizing, CSS, HTML, Javascript, and pop-ups. 

These practices help to ensure that repeated visitors and new visitors feel delighted coming back

When you think of a mobile-friendly website, you should keep in mind the picture of a basic smartphone user. It is very important because mobile screens are  

small in size, they have slow processors when compared to desktops and PCs, slow load speed, and bandwidth.  

Making mobile-friendly websites may be a piece of great news for your company. Love for mobile devices make it easier for your customers 

to access your site when they need to purchase products.  

It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to or where you’re located, your site needs to be optimized for mobile users. So let’s see how to make a mobile-friendly website.  

 Tips for making your website mobile-friendly: 

Go for a responsive theme/template – Using WordPress you can change themes easily. Search for responsive themes, which are responsive and nice. Choose the one that fits your site and install it.  

 Include menus – mobile screens are smaller than laptop screens, so when choosing menus, be concise and choose what fits on the screen. Using sidebars in mobile sites is typically useless as it barely gets used.

Keep short forms – Forms when filling in desktops is easy but it is not the same in the case of mobiles. Forms are of many types in a website. 

For example, for a subscription email list, you need a form with their email only and not their name and other things.  

Include search box – With many menus and submenus in a website, users might find it difficult to search things. To simplify this add a search bar on mobile sites. 

This helps users to search for things that they require and not to go through things other than that.  

Get rid of pop-ups – When using a mobile site they don’t like pop-ups popping up, because they feel disturbed. Clicking on those small close icons in pop-ups is hard and they may end accidentally clicking on the ad while trying to close it. 

Avoid large blocks of text – Huge blocks of text are devastating and very difficult to read. A paragraph of three lines in a PC appears as six lines in a mobile phone.  

Try to reduce the amount of text on mobile sites and use some words to communicate with your customers.  

Choose the right font – Choose a clear and easy-to-read font. Picking them right is  very important. One sentence overlapping the next sentence should not be seen.  

Example – You can use bold and underlined fonts for headers and normal font for paragraphs.  

Test your website on mobile devices – A good way to ensure that your website delivers optimal user experience, test on real devices, and look out for any issues that need to be resolved. Testing in Android and ios devices is very challenging in today’s world. A cloud-based testing platform is better because it offers advantages without any maintenance efforts.  

Advantages of the mobile-friendly website:  

  • Enhanced SEO 
  • Good brand visibility 
  • Maximum time spent on a site 
  • Comfortable for purchases 
  • Good user experience 

 Finally, after reading the blog, it should be clearly evident to you the benefits of a mobile-friendly website. It doesn’t matter what, make sure your mobile site loads fast. 

Follow the tips provided in the blog, to maximize traffic and conversions on your mobile website. If you wish to get the help of any mobile website design company. Contact us. 

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