Websites provide great visibility, and it is one of the major factors in getting leads. A good website attracts visitors and tends them to have a further look into it. One of the most important foundations for business is a good website. There is an importance of a website for business if you are selling products or offering services because people first search the business website before buying any product or service.  

Websites provide much useful information and, particularly there are many advantages of a responsive website. With a good website, you can help many particular offerings stand out from the queue.  

 On your website, you can put up your brand story, your inspiration for getting started, and any reviews by customers over the years, which would be helpful to improve your brand visibility. Any customer reviews you have amassed over the years to showcase your credibility in your field can also be added. 

Several reasons which make a website important for business is:  

  1. Information provided:

The website provides information such as product catalogs, product features, advantages, and disadvantages. Nowadays many people prefer to go in for online purchasing rather than going to the preferred store to buy products. 

 Even if they go to a showroom to buy a dress, they make up their mind well-planned before entering the showroom. This decision is mainly because of the online information provided on the websites. 

  1. Repeated customers can get good information

In many businesses repeated customers visit the website more frequently in search of something new. What they expect at that time is additional and updated information. 

  It creates trust for them about your business hence websites become an important source in the case of new customers. 

  1. 24/7 in contact with customers

A customer who visits the website for the very first time looks in for better convenience. If he is convenient with things on the website, he is likely to visit the website on a repeated basis if it is. 

  • Convenient for him/her to visit 
  • Convenient for him/her to fill in the contact form 
  • Convenient for him/her to communicate 
  • Convenient for him/her to purchase products. 

 Above all, if the customer feels convenient in gaining proper information and making purchases happily, the website plays a major role in businesses. 


 The most important thing in web technology is Responsive Web Design (RWD). RWD is defined as the way of presenting information in an optimal way, that is easy for reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling on any device or screen.  

 The major issue now is big screens require images with high resolution for sharpness, and small screens require less resolution.  

 In responsive design, HTML and CSS are the two most important languages that are used to control the content and layout of a page on any given web . Then comes the Media Queries, Fluid Layout, Flexbox Layout, and Responsive Images. 

 Let’s see about the 2 most important factors: 

 Bandwidth: High-resolution images are used for greater clarity in desktops whereas mobile networks will consume more bandwidth and increase website loading time. 

 Art Direction: As we all know a picture with a lot of details seems to be a little blurry. In CSS we have an alternative method for such cases. 



Responsive web design is a great way to clarify the content on your site, thus making sure that people using mobile and other devices get the most useful information. 

RWD plays a major role in businesses as it increases customer reach on smaller devices(i.e)tablets and mobile phones. The amount of time and cost spent on on-site content managed is decreased by Responsive web design. 

As mobile is becoming the future, there is a huge conversion of users from desktops to mobiles. So our website must be mobile-friendly and on other platforms too. RWD helps in improving SEO, faster website loading, lower bounce rates, high social media shares which helps in getting more traffic. 

 The main reason behind successful, high quality, and good design websites is Responsive web designing. Hence it is important to check a website on different devices and screens. 

Some vital elements of Responsive website design are a scalable foundation, flexible rendering, re-scalable images, including media query implementation, and responsiveness to the environment. 


Cost-effective: Responsive website design can completely cut down on development time and cost. Rather than spending a separate time in building a website for mobile, responsive design helps you in building one for your business that is compatible with all other devices. 

The cost of one website is less than two hence we can save money.  

Resizable websites for any device: A Responsive design makes the website fit all screen sizes of devices, like a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and others.  

“viewport” content= “width=device-width, initial scale-1.0”  

The above code can be used for instructing the browser that the webpage is adapted on all devices. 

 Less possibility for common mistakes 

We come across common mistakes such as 

  • Faulty redirects 
  • Irrelevant cross-links 
  • Slow mobile speed 
  • blocked JavaScript/CSS files 

 The Responsive Website is connected to a webmaster that helps in identifying such errors. This makes our time not spent on corrections. 

One URL for all SEO activities. 

This responsive web design is a setup, where the server sends similar HTML code and CSS to edit the layout of the page on different devices. An algorithm is used to find the setup through Googlebot. Therefore visibility in all devices is counted. 

 Makes website analytics simpler 

When performing website analytics you need to know where your visitors are coming from and how they interact with your web content and overall environment. It means you need to have a track of multiple pages, signups, and many more.  

 With a responsive website, you can get an insight into which browser(Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Bing, etc) your visitors are using, where they bounce back, and how much time they spend on each page.  

 More sales and conversions 

A responsive design gives a more consistent look. The benefits of a responsive design are that users get an enhanced website experience and there is no need to redirect them to a new page. 

Hence you can manufacture any products and offer any kind of service. People can buy them online through the website, which helps their shopping much more easily. Search engine activities help your website to rank among the top pages. 


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