Latest Mobile App Trends That Make A Mark In Your Business

Earlier mobile phones were used as a luxury and now it is a daily need of ours. As days pass, mobile technology is getting more accessible by people, and new mobile app trends are developing.  

 Mobile application development is redefining its business. Now almost all companies fuse with the upcoming mobile app development trends to grow up to its targeted market.  

 Now the market is highly competitive, and to start your application needs to be spotted and brought into real innovation.  

 It is estimated that there are a total of 7 billion mobile users in the world, and this will grow by ten each year with a lot of new users.  

 One of the major strategies in most companies is mobile app Trends development companies lead to the right path with growing trends in mobile application development.  

 Here are some recent mobile app trends so far, and I expect these to continue trending: 

 AR, VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) – AR and VR features are used in mobile apps related to camera, gaming, and videos.  

AR and VR are coming up with trending features like people occlusion and motion tracking, and many industries like healthcare, education, and tourism benefit from AR. When we consider visual experience, mixed reality smart glasses such as Oculus and Magic leap provide a good visual experience.  

AI (Artificial Intelligence) – You may have heard about Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. These are examples of AI in mobiles. AI apps are using voice recognition to go hands-free and optimize the customer experience.  

AI will be dominant in the coming years, and it will reach an estimated value of $190.61 billion in the year 2025. 

 AI software helps marketers to learn more about the users.  

5g network – In 2021, 5g will be double than 600 million, and in 2022 nearly half the population will have 5g mobile phones, and by 2026, it is expected to be 1.4 billion 5g networks.  

Recently Apple has adopted a 5g network with its iPhone 12. Some useful benefits of 5g are fast transfer in a massive amount of data, rich user experiences, worldwide connectivity, and provides new business opportunities.  

Enterprise mobile applications – These are specific applications developed for a particular company to carry out their daily activities and other functions. This is the huge trend going on now. Enterprise applications provide internal communication within the company members and improve productivity.  

Recently many companies demand this enterprise app for their company. 

Mobile e-commerce – M-commerce is one of the crucial parts because of its focus on sales. So if you need huge success, you need to build a mobile app for your company.  

Customers make use of this app for purchasing, using discounts and offers, comparing prices, etc. In the future, m-commerce includes features like personalization, chatbots, and mobile wallets.  

Mobile wallets – The recent pandemic had a huge impact on our lifestyles and forced us to turn digital. Online payments are simplified with the use of mobile wallets and easily accessible by people. Some mobile wallet examples are Google pay, Amazon pay, Phone pe, and Apple pay.  

This process is smooth and effective because of its integration with popular payment gateways, and people use it to make rapid transactions.  

Folding displays – This is one of the new trends in mobile app development, and the trend may follow in the upcoming years. It is a new challenge for many mobile application developers.  The mobile apps are altered based on the display.  


Cloud computing – Cloud-based technology is growing widely as many investors invest a big amount in cloud infrastructure.  

Wearables – Wearable are electronic accessories that are worn on a human’s body. We come across smart jackets, smart glasses, and many more. Wearables interact with people through mobile apps, and they control devices from remote locations as well.  

IoT –  IoT has changed the daily lives of people by turning everything smarter. We use it in controlling our kitchen, hall, and bedroom appliances. Now everything in our homes is automated because of the IoT (Internet Of Things).  

 IoT sees growth among people as it has a lot of significance in various domains. Some of them are smart homes, wearable watches, factory equipment, biometric scanners, and their products are Phillips lighting system and August smart lock.  

 Future IoT trends  

  • Smart Homes & Cities 
  • IoT in healthcare 
  • Self-Driving Cars and other vehicles 

Summing up 

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