Need of Mobile Application And Its Impact 

In today’s generation, the first thing we see after getting up in the morning is our mobile. Either we check for messages from Facebook, Whatsapp and emails too. From morning till evening, majority time is spent on our mobiles, it can be either office work or personal. The need of mobile applications is increasing in today’s world, as we use them everywhere right from ordering food to hiring a cab, life has become easier than before. 

 Mobile apps are quick, convenient, promising, and better at identifying customer needs. 

 With this trend growing each day, all business owners want to launch their own mobile app for their businesses and give its best advantage to the end-user.  

 Mobile app development has brought all things that we performed on large screens to smaller screens in mobiles making tasks easier than before.  

So many tasks are available now on mobile phones, such as listening to music, social media, surfing the net, watching youtube videos, live tv, and many more.  

 The major success of the mobile app in mobile phones is that it is low cost when compared to desktops and PCs. 

Why does your business need a mobile app? 

The business world is transitioning to m-commerce. The interactivity and convenience offered by mobile apps always give customers a feel of the world around them. Mobile applications’ impact is huge because of the engaging and easy-to-use experience.  

 Some needs of  mobile applications for businesses are listed below:  

  • Convenient to use 
  • Improved availability to customers 
  • Effective marketing of products 
  • Broad customer reach 
  • User-based customization 
  • Push notifications 

 Types of mobile applications: 

They come in various shapes and sizes. Some are listed below: 

Educational applications – Portable applications help users in learning and acquiring new information.  

For example, some of them are Google classroom, edX, and Duolingo. Consider Duolingo, it gives users the feature to search for anything they want to learn. Educational apps are famous among tutors and educators in their teaching process 

to teach better.  

Business applications – These applications are specifically used when performing tasks in a hurry. It can help you in sending messages, booking tickets, tracking, and many others.  

Gaming applications – This is the main type of mobile application used by a wider audience starting from kids to adults. According to a report, it is said that mobile game app downloads reached 2 billion. Organizations spend a huge time making games for mobiles. 

 Some of the famous games are Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and Candy Crush Saga. 

 Lifestyle applications – Lifestyle mobile applications include shopping, exercise, and diet applications. 

Travel applications – These applications help clients travel without any problem by providing the right instructions and guidance. It helps sightseers and voyagers during their travels.  

 Entertainment applications – They are used in watching movies, videos, and talk shows on the web. Facebook, Instagram are real models of such applications. You can also watch live streaming in applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime. They are modes of entertainment and are modified regularly to meet the customers.  

Advancements in mobile app success: 

 VR has been revolutionized in the gaming industry and helps you experience things lively and virtually. Some of them are iOnRoad and myNav. The ones that gained popularity in recent times are Google Cardboard and Samsung VR.  

Wearable devices are coming up, iwatch, Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Smartwatch from Samsung, and the Fitbit Flex 2. Using these you can make calls, receive calls, operate applications and healthcare applications are gaining a good response using these devices.

IoT has gained success in industries such as Real estate, education, and construction. In education, it helps parents to stay connected with their children and monitor them. In real estate, it is used in building smart cities with sensors.  


As the mobile application is a growing trend, no one can ignore its importance in today’s world. Mobiles and their devices are the main paths for organizations to connect with the internet. It is a matter of technology also. 

 Mobile apps create value and gratify users with their daily needs. To gain a clear edge over your competitors and have a large part in the market it is a must to own a mobile app for their needs. This helps them in remaining responsive, relevant, and successful. 

 In each sector say in Education, gaming, Entertainment all have touched the success of the mobile app. If you too need your business to reach great heights, design a mobile app now. We are here to help you in the design and development of the mobile app.  

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