Search Engine Optimization-Your Website’s Lifeline

In today’s world, each business is turning digital and adopting all necessary ways to increase sales, traffic, and visibility. Have you ever thought about how to rank on the first page? The Internet uses search engines, they have search results of videos, pages that are ranked based on their content-based. Ranking on the first page is truly important for every marketer to understand the meaning of Search engine optimization and the true potential it creates for business. 

Search Engine Optimization helps improve the visibility of a website or webpage to make the website more visible and discoverable to drive sales.  

As we are in 2021, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine (yahoo, Google Bing), out of which 92% of users use Google as their search engine.  

Many web pages on the internet are striving for attention from each other. The more SEO you apply on your site, the more are your chances for appearing top, when users search for information that you provide.  

This cannot be done by illusion, You have to work on it to attain the results.  


Search Engine Optimization is not doing something to make a site rank higher. Several factors determine it, which you cannot control.  

  • Content of the website 
  • Amount of time spent on the site 
  • What your users are searching for 
  • Competitors website 
  • How easy content is to read 

These above-mentioned factors are used to determine SEO. Some information that Google or any search engine can give about your website is the title of the website, meta description, keywords, Page rank, URL’s, Website categories (Education, News, Health, Finance, Travel, etc.) 

The process of SEO is categorized into six phases: 

  • Research to know about the business, needs, competitors, assessment, and keyword searches related to your sector.  
  • Planning strategies on how to handle content, links in the site, social media, and other technical implementations.  
  • After planning, try to implement it on the site’s pages and execute it 
  • Once implemented, monitor the site activities regularly. Traffic, rankings, positions, the activity of web spiders, and other metrics for generating reports. 
  • Assessment involves checking the summary of the strategy with the SEO process. 
  • Maintenance is the major part of the website, Both small and big problems need to be handled once they rise. 


The term blog SEO may sound complex for many content writers, but it makes a good difference when implemented. Blog SEO is all related to the blog content to information that people are looking for. It gives search engines a chance to realize your unique and quality content.  

Isn’t your blog still getting traffic? Then follow these strategies: 

Bind your keyword research 

The most important element of all other SEO processes is finding keywords for your website.  

Always go in for the low difficulty, high volume, and high click-through rate keywords.  

Take enough time to write SEO-friendly blogs – Do not rush up when writing blogs. Take your time and write the best blog. 

Optimize your page URLs

The URL of your blog is crawled by the search engine to find out what the article is.  

To optimize it better for SEO-friendliness, include the main keyword phrase in the URL slug. 

Craft an alluring title and meta description – Meta description is the first thing a user reads when searching for google results. It appears after your headlines on search engine result pages. Make it clear, because it helps readers connect with what they are searching for.  

 Optimize your images  

Search engines look at the title and image alt text and categorize them based on that, so replace it with important keywords that look more descriptive. 

Content promotion – Include catchy quotes when writing content. If you are looking to promote your content then you need to spend 80% of your time in promotion and only 20% in writing content.  Because promoting your content is very much important.  


This blog has shed some light on SEO and some of its basics. We all know SEO is the need of the hour and we need to optimize our website for more traffic to each page on our site. Hence, keep your site informative and include fun blogs, and try to include content relevant to your site. AINRATech, one of the digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad helps you in fulfilling your business purpose. 

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