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Top 5 Digital Marketing Facts For Start-Ups

Top 5 Digital Marketing Facts For Start-Ups

Have you started your business recently? or Do you have a small business that you’re trying to quit the ground and run more digitally?  Don’t worry about it.

In this blog, we will talk about what makes a successful digital marketing strategy for start-ups and some useful digital marketing facts.

Digital marketing is the real work, to begin with, some fail to do this and hence they fail to realize the goodness of it. With the rapid increase in technology, marketing, and advertising efforts have increasingly become digital everywhere.

Many brands reach their customers through blogs, articles, videos, messaging, and social media platforms. AINRATech Solutions, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad, guides you with all digital marketing services. 

What do you think is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is one of the greatest tools in building business and getting results quickly. The aim of digital marketing is to improve your brand name and increase sales.

Let’s take a quick glimpse through the 5 digital marketing facts for s startups tartups:

Look at your investment

Digital marketing is cost-effective. We need to look at the investment before starting up with any business. First of all, set your objectives very clearly, then identify your target. Choose the best digital marketing tools for website analysis. Then take steps based on that.

Measuring the overall performance of digital marketing strategies is mandatory. It is estimated that  small startup businesses earn $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on Google AdWords. 

2.The growing importance of digital marketing for start-ups

Digital marketing costs less when compared with traditional marketing. In the case of startups, they have very few resources and capitalization options, so it is necessary for them to use the digital marketing techniques that help them build an effective customer market. 

When SEO techniques are used in the correct way, it will eventually generate leads and finally convert them to sales

As the population is growing, usage of mobile devices is also growing globally, customers use their mobile to search for products or services.

Hence a fast strategy of displaying products in mobiles must be deployed.

3.Adopt to the latest digiatl marketing trends

As technology expands, we have to smartly adapt to it and move on digital. Now let’s see some recent trends in the market such as bot-assistants, Instagram polls, and IGTV.

Chatbots help companies to assist customers starting from questions up to ending sales. Customers are satisfied with their engagement with the bots and they never feel unattended. ts and they never feel unattended. 

Instagram allows you to share 15-second posts in the form of videos or photos on their Instagram accounts. IGTV allows users to create log content vertical videos, similar to that of stories. The video length can be up to 10 minutes.

4. Advertising on relevant social media platforms

In order to raise your brand awareness and sales, you need to start with an online platform. It can be either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. The platform you choose must be relevant to your brand.

Use these communication platforms to engage your customer with powerful content and drive customers to your website for sales. 

5. Focus on what will work for you

We all as humans have the habit of trying new things that others do, instead, we fail to think about what works well for ourselves. As a startup, you might think about expanding your business which is the hardest challenge that all companies as startups face.

 For sustainable growth, invest in a digital marketing strategy that is made for your business, with a manager and the help of Google with you always.

Some digestive facts:

  • Search engines power around 93 % of the web traffic on the platform.
  • It is said that 82% of people use mobile phones to browse online before buying a product.
  • As the internet is more available, the amount of people online is growing every day. As of 2018, there are around 3.03 billion users on any form of social network. 

Some tips to evaluate your digital marketing:

    • Before buying a product, check for reviews and customer interactions
    • Digital marketing requires ample time, hence consider 4-6 weeks, minimum is 1-3.
    • Do not be cheated with low-price options. Clearly understand that a low price does not indicate a better choice.
    • Get help from a digital marketing consultant/agency to manage your project and guide you.
    • Take challenging plans and approaches. 

This blog briefs you about the importance of digital marketing facts for startups and why they need one. Be consistent and regular in your digital marketing strategy and that will help you to increase your startup’s visibility most efficiently.

The digital marketing strategy will attract the right kind of consumers to your business and ensure your survival in the fast-growing and dynamic industry. Digital marketing is very much essential for a startup/small business.   

Plan your actions accordingly and invest in digital marketing for startups and grow your new business to reach greater heights. 

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you to build your brand image.  We are here to guide you always. There are various SEO services in Hyderabad that are there to help you at any time. Don’t fear getting your help from us!!

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