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Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies Influencing 2021 Digital Marketing Trends

One of the rapidly changing industries is digital marketing, updating with new digital marketing strategies, technologies, changes in customer requirements and, demands. The marketers used a combination of digital and traditional channels to deliver campaigns at every stage.  

There was no stop for the growth of online marketing, as the years pass, web development expanded, and digital marketing included guest blogging and online ads and sponsorships. 

We all know digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses electronic devices and is defined as the process of advertising through channels including websites, social media, search engines, and mobile apps. As everyone started to go digital, there are a lot of trends taking place each day in the digital transformation 

As digital marketing can be done offline and online, it is the most preferred way for people to grow their business.  

 Now new marketing ideas began to pop up every now and then which results in new trends. 

2021 is an unexpected loss, due to the pandemic crisis. Many company sales are fallen and marketing expenses are very down.  

 Let’s discuss the top five digital marketing strategies for the coming years. 

  1. Content marketing is important 

The interactive content marketing approach change through the years, it does not remain the same each year. 

Marketers who are marketing online have a plan of investing in content by 2021. This is mainly to support brand/product visibility. 

Content marketing has become the demand generation strategy of the future. Big organizations pay a large portion for content marketing and it is the best way to talk to your customers and make them buy your product.  

  1. New social media networks and platforms –  

In 2020 we came across a few social media apps, games, applications, and many more opportunities for users to communicate better and express themselves. This provided marketers to engage with many influencers and run many data campaigns. People spend their maximum time online on social media platforms. 

3. Focus on your customers – Your customers are the ones who represent the huge growth of your brand or channel. Stay focussed with them always. There is no better way to earn than through a satisfied and loyal customer.  

 Give your customers a reason to praise you, either through reviews, social media, or in personal conversations. With the help of great products deliver good customer experiences.   

4. Personalize customer experience  

One of the powerful marketing achievements is personalizing the customer experience. Many companies feel it difficult to fulfill customer experiences. 

It is estimated that 49% of consumers purchase based on highly personalized experiences. 

Some google based UX statistics are mentioned below: 

  • 50% of people won’t purchase if they have a bad user experience and a poorly designed mobile site. 
  • 60% of users use smartphones directly to make searches. 
  • 54% of users get  tensed when a mobile site loads for a long time 
  • 39% of people prefer mobile phones for shopping since it’s easy to access and fast to purchase.  

 5. Rise of AI in marketing  


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is important in all aspects of human activities. It is the marketing differentiator for businesses. Many businesses deliver useful, relevant products and services. Several AI-powered voice assistants are used by mobile users. Areas, where AI is used, are for personal communication, transaction purposes, and email personalization.  

Other than the mentioned ones, some other marketing trends are live video streaming, micro-influencers, generation Z, consumer personalization, and privacy protection.  

In today’s world making the user/customer happy is the power that you need, hence use these digital marketing strategies that are useful to implement in your marketing efforts. Staying up to date with the trends in digital marketing is the success recipe. Identify the new trends and make applicable changes to beat the competition.  

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