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Why do we need Best AI Chatbots in Business?

Why do we need the Best AI Chatbots in Business?

Best AI chatbots or virtual assistants are one of the most important digital revolutions or technical advancements providing a path to build relationships between humans and computers.

These are remodeling the customer service experience with artificial intelligence by providing instant answers to customers.

Why do we need the Best AI Chatbots in Business?

Every company has a dream to rise high, to achieve the place it wants to have the best customer support. Human efforts may not last 365 days and can’t be placed 24/7 before a screen, therefore companies are looking for the right solution i.e, AI-powered chatbots.

Chatbots are used in all kinds of businesses. We usually see them in Mobile applications, online messaging platforms, on websites, and while it is usually obvious that you are speaking to a chatbot, that doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful.

If chatbots are implemented properly, it will help you simplify the more routine elements of your customer service, so that you and your agents can involve in more complex tasks. 

Chatbots will help companies save on customer care expenses by speeding up response times, freeing up agents.

Chatbots are revolutionizing the customer service experience, with everyone from Pizza Hut to Spotify to whole foods, making the most of what chatbots have to deliver by integrating them into their sales enclosures and inbound marketing campaigns.

 AI chatbots are super interesting because, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, as they become intelligent over time. Many of the chatbots today have some sort of AI.

Are you ready to find the best AI Chatbots for your Website? Come On Let’s dig in.

1. Smart loop :

The benefit of this smart loop is that it can be designed quickly, we can build it for different channels, and there’s a free plan available for these chatbots.

2. Botsify :

Botsify is a popular online AI chatbot platform that lets you build smart chatbots for your website, as well as for popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack.

 It can be built for multiple forms in less time without the experience of coding. 

3. Pandorabots :

Pandorabots is one of the top AI chatbot platforms. It provides solutions for full turnkey chatbot development. This software solution is one of the world’s oldest and biggest chatbot hosting services.

These are encoded multilingual chatbot that can be used on message and speech platforms, with and without encoding. It connects to applications and systems using Restful APIs. It’s more intelligent than a traditional decision tree.

4. : offers a forum to quickly build chatbots and support brands who want to stand out. 

This software has a drag-and-drop chatbot creator and keeps the decision trees structured using directories. It can install the chatbots on one or more Facebook pages in seconds and it can be checked online.

Can drive the conversation with automatic content. This software has the potential to find the most used content or keyword that didn’t work and refine the chat.

5. ManyChat :

ManyChat lets you quickly build smart Facebook Messenger chatbots for marketing, sales, and customer support.

It has a visual drag-and-drop bot maker, it has a range of smart tools to help your messenger audience expand and help you broadcast your messages efficiently, and it will simplify your messenger marketing.

6. :

Omnichat by Mobilemonkey is a revolutionary patent-pending chat marketing technology that lets you have a connection with your customers by responding to them instantly in the messaging apps.

MobileMonkey OmniChat technology enables advertisers to write a single chatbot funnel that operates smoothly across different messaging channels.

These chatbots are already designed for smartphones used by consumers and leads. Chat history is maintained in one inbox even if we are chatting on messenger or SMS.

7. : is a communications network that facilitates communication links from all channels to all teams.

It helps consumers to talk with you via every medium and offers any team in the business a 360 ° service. It enhances business sales with messaging.

It helps to deliver a fantastic customer experience in an easy and faster way via conversations. It will respond to each customer according to their requirement.

8. : is one of the best AI chatbots. It will convert the visitors into customers and keep them coming back by providing an excellent customer service experience.


Interactive chatbots are an easy way to connect with customers in a personalized way. You can use AI features on applications, websites, and social networks. The above are some of the Best AI Chatbots in the industry.

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